So.. I might have become addicted to Apex Legends

It's all Arch's fault!

It kinda all went down when Arch_who_says_ni from my stream asked me to join inteotno and him in a game of Apex Legends..

.. and since I've had that game since season 1, but never really played it, I was like: "Well, what can go wrong?".

I'm not saying that anything at all has gone wrong, except now I have more games where I have to finish dailies, if we just put it at that. x)

Recently also started using Overwolf with some plugins/apps to keep track of my matches/kills/knockdowns and also deaths, so that I can record funny moments, awesome moments and embarrassing moments, that I can upload either to my Discord server (check my Twitch to grab an invite, if you want to).

And well.. I'm not a pro player, that much can be said. But I'm starting to learn how to handle the different legends that I have unlocked.. so far my favourites are Mirage and Caustic, and with the standard ones I like Bloodhound and Bangalore.

Here's a video from yesterday (May 2nd) where I was practicing my aim with the Wingman:

.. and here's a video from today, same thing.

But most of the time, I don't go with the Wingman, I kinda go for snipers and shotguns. Because I need to be either near or far, wherever my targets are.. and I believe that my shots will, go on..