The man, the myth, the geek

So, I guess introductions are in order then.

Hi! I'm Chris / NoLifeKing85, and I'm a developer, content creator (Twitch, YouTube), you can also find me on Twitter!

But yeah.. my normal day job is being a developer / sysadmin over at MultiNet Interactive AB, where I most of the time spend my time writing either utilities for work related things, or read up on new tech that is coming out/is out.

And on my spare time I very often watch series on different streaming sites, and occasionally I stream on Twitch (that I later cut up into pieces and export to YouTube).

One other hobby of mine is doing magic, I'm not very good at it, but it's a hobby of mine. I also like to play the violin and sing a lot. ^^

Currently my hair is some kind of washed out rainbow color. (You can find images of me on Instagram!)