What CurseForge Project is This? (again)

As I wrote about earlier, I've created a small utility/tool to lookup CurseForge projects (and now files) whenever CurseForge decides to not install things, and doesn't tell you what it is either.

And yesterday, I made some upgrades to that site, and enabled social sharing embeds, since they're broken on CurseForge as is (probably an issue with CloudFlare or something), and I must say, they look really good! (well of course they do, it's how they are designed to look when fed the proper tags).

This is how it looks on Twitter.

And then, a friend of mine (Yes Clay, I'm gonna call you friend, live with it) asked if I could do the same thing, but have the ability to redirect to the correct CurseForge project page.. so I did, and with the extra feature (that he asked for), to be able to more or less, take a CurseForge link, replace the domain with mine, and get a working embed. :)

We're currently waiting for someone from CurseForge to allow us to purchase a domain for two things, the community itself, and then for this embed thing. It's better to ask for permission, then having to scrap everything.. right?