Journal Limpet, what is that?

So, I know I haven't been streaming, posting or been visible in social media for a while..

.. and I can't really blame anything else than myself. I haven't really felt like doing anything at all, so I've done some low maintenance stuff other than working.

One project that started this year is something called "Journal Limpet", which aims to be a central service for all third party tools for the awesome game Elite: Dangerous, by the awesome Frontier Developments!

.. right, back to what it's about.. So, my aim for the project (thanks to Spansh, who gave me a lot of ideas and tips for that) is to be able to store the player journals for all (connected) users, for a longer period than 30 days (at least up to 180 days, but hopefully more), where the user can list and download their journals, and also connect their Journal Limpet-account (which really is their Frontier account), to third party tools that ingest player journals, so that we have a single service that collects journals, so that other services don't have to hammer Frontier's API.

I mean, heck, I'll even throw in a journal replayer for EDDN, just for the sake of it!

So, what's working as of now (25th December, 2020)?

  • Frontier auth
  • Refreshing end user tokens
  • Notifications to end users that they need to login to refresh their tokens, so we can refresh their tokens again
  • Start polling Frontier cAPI to grab those tasty journals
  • Make a settings page where you can set your notification email (for above notification)
  • Ability to download your journals

If you have any questions, I'm more than willing to answer them at the EDCD (3rd party developer discord), or at my personal discord.