Journal Limpet, again!

So, the vacation I had during christmas, I spent a few days on actually building up Journal Limpet, and I'm happy to say that I already have over 30+ users with 600+ journals and almost 1.3 million lines of journals stored.

So what happened since we published our last post?

Well, for starters we:

  • Built the entire backend that handles authentication and refreshing API tokens
  • Redid the entire database class, to use MSSQL instead of Postgresql (it's easier for me)
  • Added a small Redis-cache to keep track of gamestate for our EDDN and EDSM journal publishers
  • Built the EDDN publisher, that sends your journals over to EDDN automatically
  • Built the EDSM publisher, that.. just like above. Just enter your API credentials

And now, all I have to do, is wait for more users, so I can see where I have any potential bottlenecks in performance, so I can hopefully fix that.

One of the things I will have to fix is actually the database, sooner or later, because the SQL Server Express limits the amount of memory I can use, how big my database can be (10GB should be quite enough for a while though) and how many CPU cores it can utilize.

If I could choose, I would gladly pay for a license for SQL Server, but for a project that I don't intend to get any money from, it's kinda expensive. Maybe I'll reach out to Microsoft and ask them for guidance or maybe even an Open Source license! (one can dream)