Apex, Twitch Sings and a raid I regret

Fun with friends, until the end..

I'll just start off with.. I'm terribly sorry for the viewers I sent over to the person I'm not even gonna name in this post.. Because when I got told what they had done during their streams, and somehow gotten away with it.. My brain cannot even begin to fathom that..

Anyway.. We all started out the stream with some Apex Legends, as well.. always right now, and it didn't go all that well. Some.. kinda good matches, but several not so good. xD And then suddenly in the middle of it all, I got some follows and people joining in the chat, and they were people that sing on Twitch Sings (awesome game btw, if you like singing and an awesome community).

.. so we of course stopped playing Apex to join our new found friends in Twitch Sings! We sang some songs with them, watched the songs they have joined us in. And when I finally thought it was time to go to bed, since I didn't wanna disturb my neighbours any longer, so I thought it was time for a raid.. And yes.. once again, I'm terribly sorry about the choice of raid. >,<